Patient Journey

A Faultless Journey to
Artistic Transformation

Discover a Faultless and luxurious journey as our guest at Doctor Greft Hair Clinic.
From personalized arrival planning to specialist consultations, comfortable recovery and thoughtful follow-ups, our priority your comfort and well-being at every stage.
Reliance our experienced crew to guide you through the entire process and make you feel an effective sense of confidence and satisfaction. Experience a world of Artistic transformation tailored to your individual needs and wish as we accompany you through this transformative experience at Doctor Greft Hair Clinic.

Arrival and Airport Pick-up Service

Embark on your journey in a most enjoyable way, where we organize every moment of your comfort by welcoming you at the airport.

Faultless Transport to Accommodation

Your private transfer with comfortable vehicles ensures a hassle-free transfer to your accommodation destination. Experience a professional and safe journey as we always keep your health as our priority.

Arrive at Your Hotel

Step into a comfortable and luxurious hotel where every detail has been considered. Your comfort is important to us.

Personalized Consultation

Meet our experienced team of experts who understand your specific needs. Our experienced doctors plan a special treatment for you with personalized consultancy service. Trust their expertise to guide you by considering every detail.

The Operation

Expertise and Precision at Every Step At this important stage of your journey, you are in the hands of our medical experts.They carry out the procedure specifically designed for you, paying careful attention to details.
This step is a testament to our commitment to delivering amazing results tailored to your aesthetic desires. Feel safe, you are in the best place for this transformative experience.

First Hair Wash After The Procedure

Our commitment to your health extends beyond the procedure. Our transfer brings you to the clinic for your first hair wash. Our experienced team will do the first hair wash at the clinic. Our medical expert guides you about post-operative hair washing and hair care.

Depart with Confidence

Say goodbye with the confidence that your journey is handled by professionals who prioritize your experience.The entire process, from your arrival to your departure, has been planned with your comfort in mind. Always carry the bliss of your complete experience with you as you leave ready to face the world.

After-care Guidance and Expert Follow-up

Even as you departure, our support reaches beyond all borders. Experience the ultimate post-procedure hair care that complements our commitment to comfort and professionalismExperienced doctors stay by your side, offering guidance and support throughout the post-procedure hair care process. Your health is always our priority and you are never alone in this transformation.