• Patient Journey

    Discover a Faultless and luxurious journey as our guest at Doctor Greft Hair Clinic.
    From personalized arrival planning to specialist consultations, comfortable recovery and thoughtful follow-ups, our priority your comfort and well-being at every stage.

  • Before Procedure

    The question of what to do before having a hair transplant is one of the questions that come to the mind of many hair transplant candidates.
    Doctor Greft Hair Clinic has prepared a “pre-procedure guide” for you to eliminate all these questions.

  • Day Of Procedure

    You are now on the day of the hair transplantation operation. What awaits you on the day of the operation? How should you prepare for the day when your transformation begins? Doctor Greft Hair Clinic has prepared this guide regarding the procedure day for any questions you may have!

  • Hair Washing

    Post-operative hair washing is one of the most important stages of hair transplantation. Doctor Greft Hair Clinic shows you details about hair washing in this guide!

  • FAQ

    You can click for questions frequently asked by patients; Short answers were given to the questions. Detailed information can be obtained after a doctor’s consultation.