Day Of Procedure

You are now on the day of the hair transplantation operation. What awaits you on the day of the operation? How should you prepare for the day when your transformation begins? Doctor Greft Hair Clinic has prepared this guide regarding the procedure day for any questions you may have!

Where Will I Stay During the Transformation Experience at Doctor Greft Hair Clinic?

Since the utmost comfort of our patients is our priority, our experienced team will be with our Doctor Greft guests during all steps of the hair transplantation process. The whole organization is already over before our guests arrive. Your accommodation will be arranged in a 4-5 star hotel by the Doctor Greft organization team before the day of the hair transplantation operation.

How to Go to Doctor Greft Hair Clinic on the Day of Operation?

Transfers of our guests from the hotel you are staying in to our clinic for the hair transplantation operation and from the clinic to the hotel after the procedure will be provided by the Doctor Greft organization team. Sit back and enjoy your comfortable transfer!

Will I Have a Translator at the Doctor Greft Hair Clinic?

Since our clinic hosts patients from almost all over the world, it eliminates language barriers by providing you with qualified translators in your native language.

How Will I Spend the Operation Day and Will I Be Informed About All Procedures?

Your Doctor Greft Guest Representative Specialist will be with you throughout your experience, as well as your operation manager. Thus, our guests will be informed about the entire process (pre-operation, operation day and post-operation procedures).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your Guest Representative specialist and operations manager.

How Do We Prepare You for the Procedure?

  • First, our doctors give general information about the procedure and the process.
  • Medical history documents that must be filled out by our guests are given to our guests for them to sign.
  • Before the procedure, your pre-hair transplant photos are taken by the Doctor Greft Team.
  • Before the procedure, blood tests (HCV, HBV, HIV) are performed and vital signs (BP, Fever, Pulse, etc.) are checked.

How Many Hours Does the Hair Transplantation Procedure Take?

Hair transplantation may take between 6-7 hours. Therefore, if you do not prefer sedation, we recommend you to have breakfast before the hair transplantation procedure. If you are going to be sedation, please do not eat breakfast.

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

  • Planning process is important in hair transplantation. During this process, our doctors plan your procedure together with you to give our guests the desired natural appearance and best results.
  • The quality, density and size of our guest’s donor area are evaluated in this step.
  • Regarding the hairline, our doctors guide our patients, give advice and draw the agreed hairline. You can discuss your ideas about your hairline with your doctor.
  • The process begins with extraction hair follicles from the donor area.
  • After the hair follicles are extraction
  • The channels are opened by your doctor
  • The process continues with implantation.


Doctor Greft Hair Clinic will arrange the lunch of its guests according to your preference. So if you are a vegetarian or prefer kosher etc. let us know.

End Of The Day

Implantation is completed and dressing is done. You will be told again what you need to do and pay attention to after hair transplantation. Additionally, it is given to you in writing. When you are ready to leave the clinic, our transfer will take you to your hotel to rest.