After Hair Transplant Procedure

After Hair Transplantation: What Awaits You? Things to Pay Attention to

Post-hair transplantation care is also included in the hair transplantation process and is one of the most important steps. What you need to be careful about after a good operation: There will be some important criteria you will encounter. You must follow some requirements to achieve a natural look. A written source with precise information about what you should and should not do will be given to our guests by Doctor Greft Hair Clinic.

When Can I See the Results of My Hair Transplant Operation?

Hair transplantation requires a process and you must be patient in this process. Almost every week, your transplanted hair will visibly get closer to the result. Awareness of all processes will motivate you. Be aware of all the steps you are in and you will understand the transformation.

For the frontal area:
You won’t recognize yourself anymore in 6 months
You can see the clear result in 12 months.

For the crown area:
There is a visible change in 9 months.
You will receive your final results within 18 months

When Does Hair Start to Grow After the Procedure?

Your new hair growth begins immediately after the operation; 12 days after the operation, when the scabs will be off, you can see more clearly the new hair growing. Your new hair will continue to grow for up to 12-18 months.

Shock Loss

It is a normal process. It is seen in everyone who has had a hair transplant operation. After the hair transplantation operation, hair loss may occur in the transplanted hair area, the donor area, or the non-transplanted area, which can continue from the 21st day to the 3rd month. This shedding, which usually occurs after the first month, is a normal reaction of your body to the treatment, do not worry.

Can I Shower After the Operation?

You should not wash your hair immediately after the operation. Doctor Greft Hair Clinic will show you how your hair should be washed after the procedure and you will be given a small instruction. Additionally, our professional healthcare team will do your first wash.

If you want to take a shower immediately after the operation, you can take it below shoulder level. You should take a shower with warm water. Do not stay in the shower for too long, and it is a good idea to keep the doors of the shower cabin slightly open to prevent excess steam from forming.

When Can I Use a Hair Dryer?

Please avoid using a hair dryer for the first 8 months. The hair dryer can damage your hair follicles due to its heat. We recommend that you do not use a hair dryer. However, if you want to use it, you should use it remotely and at low heat.

When Can I Comb My Hair After the Operation?

You can scan your donor area after 2 weeks. You should not comb the transplanted area before 4 weeks after the operation.

When can I have my hair cut after the operation?

Our patients can have their hair cut in the donor area one month after the procedure. We do not recommend having a haircut within the first month. You can use a shaver for the donor area, but you should use scissors for the transplanted area for the first 3 months.

Can I Dye My Hair After the Operation?

Chemical hair dyes damage the scalp. Therefore, it will not be good for you to dye your newly transplanted hair. In order to have a smooth recovery process after a wonderful operation, you should not dye your hair for the first 6 months after the operation.

Smoking After the Operation

Smoking harms the operation and healing process as it reduces oxygen and disrupts blood circulation. Therefore, you should quit smoking 24 hours before the operation and stay away from smoking for another 2 weeks after the operation.

Can I Drink Alcohol After the Operation?

Alcohol use will prevent hair follicles from adhering to the skin. Therefore, do not drink alcohol for the first 14 days after surgery.

Can I Exercise After the Operation?

Exercise should be avoided for the first month after hair transplantation. After the first month after the operation, you can start light exercises without lifting weights. Once you complete 6-8 weeks, you can participate in activities regularly. After 3 months, you are free to do sports such as basketball and martial arts.

Can I Wear a Hat or Cap After the Operation?

You should avoid touching the transplanted area for the first 14 days after the procedure. The hat should not be too tight and there should be a gap between the grafts and the top of the hat. Hats that do not touch the grafts can be used after 2 days.

It will be better for you to stay at home for a while after hair transplantation.

If it’s rainy outside, don’t forget to take your umbrella with you to protect your scalp.

Can I Sunbathe After the Operation?

Exposure to direct sunlight can increase scar formation and cause pigmentation on the scalp. Therefore, exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided before completely completing the healing phase.

Can I Go to Work After the Operation?

If it is an office job, you can return to work 3 days after the surgery. If you work outside and your job requires physical effort, being at home for the first 14 days will be beneficial for our patients.

Can I Travel After the Operation?

You can travel after the operation as long as you pay attention to the transplanted area. It is important not to touch that area and be careful not to hit anything.

Will I need to go to the clinic after the operation?

Our patients will not need to visit our clinic after the operation unless they encounter an emergency. After the operation, your Guest Representative Specialist and doctors will follow your entire post-operative process.

You should send photos of the transplanted area so that the Doctor Greft Hair Clinic team can check the healing process. Let’s move the process forward in constant dialogue and control.