Before Procedure

The question of what to do before having a hair transplant is one of the questions that come to the mind of many hair transplant candidates.
Doctor Greft Hair Clinic has prepared a “pre-procedure guide” for you to eliminate all these questions.

Should I Shave My Hair Before Hair Transplantation?

It may not be a good idea to come to the hair transplantation operation with a haircut. It is recommended that you do not shave your hair before the hair transplantation operation in order to plan your hair and mark the areas that require transplantation. After the need for transplantation is determined and the drawing is made, Doctor Greft Hair Clinic will shave your hair.

Can I Have Breakfast Before the Operation?

If sedation is not preferred, a light breakfast before the hair transplantation operation will be beneficial for our guest. Do not consume fatty and heavy foods. Foods that are light and will not upset your stomach can be preferred.

If sedation is preferred, consumption of solid foods should be stopped 6 hours before and liquid consumption should be stopped 4 hours before.

Don’t forget to inform our clinic about your lunch preferences (vegetarian, kosher, etc.)!

Inform Your Doctor About Your Health Condition and Medications You Take

Before arriving, inform the clinic representative you are in contact with, and during the examination, about the medications you are using, the medications you have used recently, and your health condition. We must evaluate these as they may affect your hair transplantation operation. Therefore, if you have allergies, asthma, diabetes, respiratory problems, bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, psoriasis or any chronic disease, you should inform Doctor Greft Hair Clinic.

Inform Your Doctor If You Are Allergic to Any Medicine

Since you need to take some medications after the hair transplantation operation, please inform your doctor if you are allergic to any medication. It is important to tell your doctor about your allergy. Thus, your doctor will give you different medications.

Inform Your Doctor If You Have A History Of Surgery

If you have had surgery, this information will help your doctor during the hair transplantation process. It gives your doctor an idea about your skin’s healing process and how you react to anesthesia.

Medicines You Should Stop Using One Week Before Hair Transplantation Operation

  • vitamins B and E
  • Aspirin
  • Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • ibuprofen
  • Herbal medications
  • Blood Thinners

These are some of the medications that you should stop using one week before the operation to prevent increased bleeding during the hair transplantation procedure. If you are using any other medications not mentioned here, please inform your doctor before your hair transplantation procedure is planned.

Alcohol use should be stopped 1 week before the operation

Recent alcohol use may affect the anesthetic drugs used during the hair transplantation procedure and may increase bleeding and bruising. Alcohol use should be avoided 1 week before the hair transplantation operation. Alcohol consumption is not recommended for 12 days after the hair transplantation operation.

Smoking should be stopped 7 days before hair transplantation

Nicotine hardens and narrows blood vessels, reduces blood flow, and prevents tissue from renewing itself by reducing the amount of oxygen needed by cells. Nicotine consumption will affect your surgery and recovery process. Therefore, smoking should be stopped 7 days before the operation.

Similar products such as gel, hair care oils and cream should not be used before the hair transplantation procedure.

If you have dermatitis or dandruff problem, it would be better to tell your doctor. Your doctor can advise you on appropriate treatment.

Choose comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes on the day of the hair transplantation procedure

Since your clothes should not touch or rub your new scalp after the hair transplantation operation, clothing with zippers or buttons is recommended. So make sure you wear something you’re comfortable with!