Hair Washing

Washing Hair After Operation

Post-operative hair washing is one of the most important stages of hair transplantation. Therefore, there are some steps you need to follow in order to complete the recovery phase. Doctor Greft Hair Clinic shows you details about hair washing in this guide!

Post-Operation Instruction Wait for Hair Washing

Your first hair wash will be at Doctor Greft Hair Clinic and our patients will be shown how to wash their hair correctly. A small instruction will be given for this. Your first wash after the procedure will be explained to you by our healthcare professionals.

It will be beneficial for you to wash your hair once a day for the first 14 days after your hair transplantation operation. 14 days after the hair transplantation operation, you can now return to your own hair washing routine.

Use Lotion or Foam

  • You can apply lotion or foam to both the donor and the transplanted area. Using lotion or foam helps renew skin cells, hydrate and soften your scabs. Be careful to apply lotion or foam to the hair transplantation area with small touches.
  • Once all your scabs have healed (day 12-14), you can stop using lotion or foam.

Be Careful When Washing Your Hair

You should be careful when shampooing and touching the transplanted area. After pouring your shampoo and lathering it, apply small vertical touches to the transplanted area with your fingertips (touch and withdraw your hand).  Please do not rub and avoid circular movements of the hair transplanted area.

Use Recommended Shampoos

The shampoo given to you by Doctor Greft Hair Clinic will help you get rid of the scabs and heal. It is recommended to consult your doctor before starting to use a different shampoo. Your hair transplant specialist will help you choose the suitable shampoo for your hair.

Rinsing Your Hair

While rinsing your hair, the water should be neither hot nor cold. The water should be warm. It is recommended to rinse your hair in low pressure warm water; This process lasts the first 14 days after the operation. You can return to your normal routine 14 days after the operation. However, we do not recommend using hot water in the shower for your hair in your later life.

Drying Your Hair

The donor and the hair transplanted area must be dried in different ways. It is a better idea to dry the hair transplantation area with a paper towel. Use the paper towel without pressing it on the transplanted grafts to absorb water and do not rub the transplanted area! You can dry your donor area with a regular towel.

It is not recommended to use a dryer unless you use your hair dryer in cold mode. It will be better for you if your hair dries on its own.