Beard Transplant

The most important key to a masculine appearance is a thick beard that gives a sense of self-confidence. Beard is a symbol for men, they express themselves differently. A beard that has fallen out or not can easily affect a man’s social life. Genetic factors, various diseases, accidents and injuries can cause beard loss or gaps. Beard transplantation is the most effective solution to eliminate this problem. This process is the same as hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the nape or body hair and transferred to the beard. Beard transplantation is a “painless” procedure under local anesthesia. It allows you to get a natural and aesthetic appearance. In this operation, there is no permanent incision or scar tissue on the face. You can get the bearded look you want by having a beard transplant operation.

Thanks to the modern technology used in beard transplantation, fast and effective results are obtained!!!

 Causes of Beard Loss               

Beard loss causes discomfort in terms of aesthetic appearance and causes social and psychological problems. There are many factors that affect the quality of the beard and cause it to fall out:

• Testosterone deficiency.

• Hormonal disorders.

• Wounds and buries.

• Different skin diseases.

• Genetic factors.

If your beard is falling out, consult to a professional first to determine the cause. Hormonal disorders and metabolic diseases in particular affect the beard significantly. If beard loss is permanent, Beard Transplantation is the most effective solution for a natural looking thick beard in Doctor Greft.

 Who Can Have Beard Transplantation?

• Those who lost a large part of their beard due to wounds or burns.

• People who do not have facial hair due to hereditary reasons.

• People with inconsistent beards.

• People who want to change the shape of their beard.

• People with beard loss.

• People who have passed puberty can have a beard transplant..

In addition, not only those who do not have a beard due to a hereditary disease, but also people with a weak beard structure can have a beard transplant. In some diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and hepatitis, Beard Transplantation at Doctor Greft can only be performed with the examination and approval of our specialist.

Before Beard Transplantation

                  It is recommended that you do not shave before the examination so that our specialist can see the normal growth of your beard. In addition, blood tests are done to confirm your health condition (infectious disease) before surgery. There are some important points you should pay attention to before having the operation:

Aspirin, vitamin and blood transfusions should be avoided one week before the procedure. One week before the operation, alcohol and smoking should be avoided. It is preferred to wear a wide shirt that can be easily removed on the day of the operation. You should inform your doctor about all the medications you use before the procedure. Since Beard Transplantation is performed on the face area, it is a very sensitive procedure. Therefore, following your doctor’s advice will ease the process.

 Result and Improvement:

 After a week, the transplanted area (face) regains its natural appearance. It takes 15 days for the area to recover and regain its previous appearance. After the beard and mustache transplantation, you should follow the instructions given by your specialist. After 6 months, the transplanted beard or mustache begins to reach the expected result. It is possible to see the final result within 10-12 months.